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Jo Sowry
Phone Number: +44 (0) 7901 747 264
Location: London, United Kingdom 

A Little Bit About Me

The rapport I build with people is the most important part of creating someone’s portrait and telling a story. It’s all about engaging with the person. This is easy for me as I genuinely love people’s stories, history and unique personalities. Before becoming a photographer I wanted to learn everything I could about the industry. Firstly, I developed a keen business sense through working for a stock image group as the New Zealand Sales and Marketing Manager. Then in order to gain hands on technical skills I moved into assisting, while also working as a Weekend Manager for Kingsize Studios. Along the way, I experimented with the craft of photography. To grow even further as a photographer I decided to make the move from New Zealand to the UK. I have been working in London as a freelance photographer for over two years and have been very blessed with the amount of work that has come my way. I’m currently using my personal projects to develop ideas that would fit into the editorial and commercial world.

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